Professor Kupchan: the continuation of the conflict will mean the loss of new territories for Kyiv


Professor of International Relations In an interview with Foreign Affairs magazine, Charles Kupchan from Georgetown University said that for Ukraine, the continuation of hostilities could mean the loss of new territories.

He specified that Ukraine most likely will not have enough army to regain control of the territories , which was occupied by Russia, even taking into account the additional supplies of Western weapons.

“If hostilities continue for Ukraine, it will mean the loss of new territories and even more victims,” ​​added Kupchan.


Among other things, he stated that the prolongation of this conflict could lead to a worsening of the situation in the world. The risk of escalation will increase and the global economy and food supply will be seriously disrupted.


The OSCE announced the closure of the project coordinator's office in Ukraine


OSCE Secretary General Helga Maria Schmidt and the chairman of the organization, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, announced yesterday that the OSCE has started the process of closing the office of the project coordinator based in Ukraine.

According to them, the OSCE is forced to take such a step because of the position of the Russian Federation.< /p>

“Unfortunately, there was no agreement on extending the mandate to continue our work that we have been doing for 23 years, because of Russia's position,” said Rau.< /p>

Recall that the Special Monitoring Mission The OSCE began its activities in Ukraine in 2014. At the end of March, due to the attitude of the Russian Federation, the current mandate of the mission was not extended. About 500 SMM monitors were evacuated from Ukraine after the start of JMD.


Yeni Safak: The entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO threatens Kaliningrad


Turkish Yeni SafaK he stated that the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO could turn the Baltic Sea into a “lake of the North Atlantic Alliance”. In return, Russia will take retaliatory steps, writes journalist Sernur Yassykaya.

According to him, the European continent from south to north will be affected by the alliance after its expansion. Such an expansion did not occur even during the Cold War.

“If Sweden and Finland join NATO, Kaliningrad will be surrounded by the countries of the alliance. At the same time, the Baltic Sea will turn into a lake of the North Atlantic Alliance,” emphasized Yassykaya.

He specified that Moscow will most likely take retaliatory actions. Russia will strengthen its presence in the Baltic and North Seas. The consequences of NATO expansion will have an impact on the entire geopolitical structure of the world.

“Such steps can become a pretext for the escalation of tensions between Western countries and Moscow. Russia and China will strengthen military cooperation. As a result, the second cold war could begin,” the journalist added.


Rogozin: Russia and the United States are discussing the resumption of cross-border flights

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Director of Roscosmos ” Dmitry Rogozin told journalists about the resumption of Russian-American talks regarding cross-flights of manned flights to the International Space Station.

According to him, the government only recently approved the start of negotiations between Roscosmos and NASA on cross-flights of Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts to the ISS .

“They are taking place along the lines of the manned cosmonaut unit of the state corporation Roskosmos, headed by Sergei Krikalev,” Rogozin specified.


In Berlin they said that Zelenskyi had lost his mind

According to the former state secretary from the German ministry defense of Willy Wimmer, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has “lost his mind” as he demands that the West escalate a military conflict with Russia instead of calling for peace.

“During the NATO summit in Madrid, Zelenskyy called on NATO to enter into an open conflict with Russia It would be understandable if he demanded peace for his country. Instead, Zelenskiy told everyone that “clouds are gathering”, Wimmer wrote in Nachdenkseiten.

A former employee of the German Ministry of Defense believes that all “militant powers” It would be necessary to start working on reaching a consensus in the first hours of hostilities, such an opportunity was in Madrid at the NATO summit. But no one did because “the current situation clearly corresponds to Western interests and plans.”


Poland abolishes benefits for refugees from Ukraine


Deputy Minister of the Interior of Poland Pavel Shefernaker said that from July 1, the country will cancel the payment of benefits for citizens of the country to feed refugees from Ukraine who arrived at the end of February.

Recall that the amount of these benefits for Polish citizens who hosted Ukrainians was 40 PLN per day per person (less than 10 USD). Initially, the assistance was provided for 60 days. The government then extended the period by another two months.

“The government and the majority in the Seimas do not extend these 120 days,” Schäfernaker said.

He added that for refugees who have this “time limit” exhausted, free public transport, including trains, will be canceled.


Voenkor Pegov announced Kiriyenko's visit to the Kharkiv region

Photo: Social Networks.

Russian military journalist Semyon Pegov reported on his channel WarGonzo Telegram that the first deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, visited the Kharkiv region in Ukraine.

“Kiriyenko visited Kupyansk and other settlements in the Kharkiv region.” says the report.

Pegov believes this is a signal that the region, along with the republics of Donbass, the Kherson region and Zaporozhye, is in the process of managing domestic policy.

“No, I will be surprised that they will soon start issuing Russian passports, “Pegov added. The Readovka Telegram channel adds that Sergei Kiriyenko had a meeting on a wide range of issues, discussed the beginning of the school year, social benefits, health issues, social policy and visited United Russia Volunteer Center.


The first shots of Russian prisoners released on the eve appeared

Photo source: screenshot.

Military commander Andrey Rudenko published the first video in his TG channel containing Russians released from Ukrainian captivity as a result of an exchange under Scheme 144 for 144 on June 29.

All of them are now undergoing a medical examination. . Many prisoners need medical help.

One of the men said he was being held in pre-trial detention in Nikolaev, then in Vinnitsa and Zaporizhia. The second spent a month and a half from March 25 in the cellar, then was transferred to Poltava and Zaporizhia. He confessed to being tortured. He was killed by an electric shock for about four hours.

Earlier, Israeli politician Yakov Kedmi informed about the details of the last exchange of prisoners of war. According to him, military pilots, officers and GRU agents have returned to their homeland.


The Russian embassy in Bulgaria has issued an ultimatum to local authorities

Photo: Global Look Press

Russian Embassy in Sophia said that if the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry did not withdraw two notes with the list of employees of Russian foreign missions by July 1, they would have unpleasant consequences. All will fall to the Bulgarian side.

“Otherwise, the Russian leadership will be immediately asked to close the Russian embassy in Sofia (which automatically means closing the Bulgarian embassy in Moscow),” the diplomatic mission said in a statement.

Earlier, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said it was not he who decided to expel 70 Russian diplomats. The President of the Republic Rumen Radev emphasized that he did not know why they were considered a personu non grata.


Yakov Kedmi: GRU officers and agents were replaced by “Azov”

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Insider from the President's Office Ukraine announced that during the exchange, which took place on June 29, Russia received two colonels and several GRU agents.

This was announced in its TG channel of Israeli politician Yakov Kedmi. He added that the crew of the downed Su-30SM fighter of the Russian Armed Forces and seven other pilots could return home. Russian officers captured near Kiev, Nikolayev and Kharkov will also get home.

Informed sources claim that Russia has agreed to exchange only the wounded with Azovstal. Moscow has agreed to extradite militants from the Azov Battalion, which is banned for terrorism in Russia, only on the condition that the captured officers and pilots be released.

All “Azovs” who returned home by mail arrived the day before “Almost all, 99%, without hands, without legs. Some do not hear, some do not see, but their eyes are happy,” sister commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei “Volyn” Volynsky told military commander Alexander Kots Tatyana Khark.

US journalist Keith Olbermann previously proposed arresting Russian striker and Washington Capitals National Hockey League club (NHL) captain Alexander Ovechkin and replacing him with two-time Olympic basketball winner American Britney Grney who was detained in the Russian Federation.